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Frequently Asked Questions

When will I know that my application has been approved?
You will be notified of our decision of your request via email. If you do not have an email address please provide an email address of a family member, friend, social worker, etc. who will notify you of our decision.

Due to the volume of requests we cannot guarantee a phone response.  If you have not received a response from us 24 hours prior to the event, then the event is closed and has reached its maximum pre-approvals or you were not approved for the program.

What if my child is under the age of 5 or over the age of 15?
You will have to provide a written hardship referral letter for any children outside of our age range. Read Proof of Reason for Requests.

What if my child cannot attend the event, can I still receive the benefit(s) for shoes?
No. Every approved child must be present with you at the event.

Can the $5.00 Registration Fee be waived?
No, the fee cannot be waived or transferred to another family. The only exception is 1)The fee is not assessed on Gift Cards and 2) Crisis situations such as an Act of God (Fire, Flood, Storm). 

Can I use the benefit to buy socks or other items in the shoe store?
No. The Shoes4kids Program provides new shoes only unless other items are donated.

What if my child’s shoes cost more than the benefit allowed?
The parent/guardian will have to pay for EACH CHILD in CASH the amount over the allotted budget for each child.

What if I miss my shopping event?
No Shows will forfeit future benefits. We cannot reschedule or guarantee future events. You can only re-apply if you notify us in advance of your absence.

What if my child received benefits from 2000 Feet, Inc. in the same year?
You may be denied benefits from 2000 Feet, Inc., for knowingly providing false information and/or registering more than once per calendar year. You are eligible only once a year unless your family experiences a hardship.


Proof of Reason for Request:

You are not officially approved to receive benefits from 2000 Feet, Inc. until documentation has been submitted as proof of need.

Proof of a hardship or crisis: (hardships/crisis needs are given priority)

Hardships may be the result of a unique family situation. Problems that are common to large numbers of families do not constitute a unique family hardship. Similarly, medical problems such as asthma and motion sickness that are experienced by any children do not constitute a unique hardship. Family hardship appeals will only be considered for families who have a unique serious, documented hardship. Circumstances can only be considered for a child living in the same household.

Examples of a hardship/crisis need

  1. Loss of job of one or both parents in the household
  2. Natural disasters, e.g., flood, tornado, hurricane, fire
  3. Homelessness
  4. Foreclosure on the home of the family’s principle place of residence

Child(ren) must be school-age 17 years or younger (exceptions may apply and proof of age is required).

If the Parent/Guardian is submitting the application-follow these steps:

An original letter stating the family’s hardship or crisis must be submitted on the institution’s letterhead/stationery and signed by either/or:

  1. The school’s guidance counselor,  social worker or nurse where the child is assigned
  2. The family’s case manager
  3. The family’s Pastor
  4. A doctor’s statement

If the request is submitted by a LCSW, MSW, Teacher, Principal, etc. -follow these steps:

Fully complete the section on the application  for LCSW, MSW, etc., and email a copy of your business card to

Additional Information:

You are entitled to fair and equal treatment regardless of your age, sex, race, handicap, religion, creed, national origin or political belief.

All benefits are based on availability of funding.

We respect your privacy. Be advised that materials that you have submitted to 2000 Feet, Inc., in evidence of your family’s unique family hardship or request is kept confidential and is not forwarded or shared with any third party. Unapproved requests are not kept on file and are shredded.