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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for shoes?
Each child must be a qualifying child (living in your household, age 5 or older but not older than 15).

Can I shop for shoes at the online store at any time?
No. If approved, you will be invited to set up an account in order to shop. You must complete your shopping within 48 hours of your notice of approval.

Can shoes from the online store be returned or exchanged?
No returns or exchanges are permitted. It is the parent’s responsibility to order the correct size, style and gender.

Can I be approved for both, a personal shopping appointment and shop at the online shoe store?
No. You can only be approved for one shopping experience per year.   

When will I know the approval or status of my application?
Within 3 business days or less you will be notified via your email address. We cannot guarantee a phone response.

Can the shipping costs of $7.00 per pair of shoes be waived?
No, the Shipping Costs cannot be waived and must be paid at the online store check-out.

Can the $5.00 Registration Fee per child for personal shopping appointments be waived?
No, the Registration Fee cannot be waived and is not refundable.